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Aptera behind the futuristic electric car!
With autonomy for 1600 km!

Aptera appears to fulfill its promises, showing its latest prototype, in a close version of the model that will be marketed.

After many difficulties, the return of Aptera to the market with a solar electric car that promises autonomy of 1600 km, and potentially dispensing charging for shorter trips (its solar panels will be sufficient for 72 km/day)!

This ultra-aerodynamic looking model is already being manufactured.
The latest video focuses on demonstrating its capabilities to deal with everyday life, being able to carry two people and a reasonable volume of cargo..

Deliveries are promised by the end of this year, with the base model with a range of 400 km starting at just under $25,000, and a 1600 km version starting at close to $45 thousand.

Indiana Jones hat is bought for more than 400,000 euros at auction

Over 600 items of films and TV shows were auctioned in London.

By France Presse

The mythical Indiana Jones hat was sold for £ 392,000 at a major auction of cinema objects on Thursday (20) in London, where Han Solo's jacket could not be purchased. Over 600 objects and clothing pieces from cinema and television works, including the hoverboard (flying skateboard) used by Marty McFly in "Back to the future II",

Were auctioned at an event organized by the Prop Store group in the spaces of the British Film Institute (BFI). Among the most watery objects was Indiana Jones' felt hat that actor Harrison Ford wore in the first film in the series, "The Robbers of the Lost Ark".

The hat is signed by Ford on the inside. The whip used in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", in turn, was sold for £ 45,000, according to the auction website.

It's the anniversary of Wikipedia in Portuguese! Join the celebration and come and wish Wikipedia a happy birthday. Read the full text of our press release ...

European citizens can claim compensation from Facebook for data leak!

Digital Rights Ireland wants to sue Facebook for the data leak of 533 million users, and is asking affected Europeans to join the process.

We had the case that the phones of 533 million users were revealed, in an incident that Facebook said it did not even justify notifying users, but there are those who want to make this case not just an apology, but that becomes a turning point that makes it clear that companies need to handle user data with much more care.

Digital Rights Ireland wants to sue Facebook for this incident under the European GDPR, and to join the process they only have to be part of the group of people who had their phone number exposed in this leak.

To find out if this is the case, just jump to "Have i been pwned", which already allows you to search by phone number in addition to email, and validate that your phone number is on the list.

We will see if this case could become the first mega-exemplary case of application of the GDPR / GDPR, with the potential application of a millionaire fine; but it is to be anticipated that the battle will not be easy, because if Facebook is faced with the prospect of having to pay hundreds of millions or even billions of euros - if the 4% fine on the annual invoicing is applied - surely not you will mind spending tens or hundreds of millions to try to work things out in your favor, by whatever means.

Posted: 18 Apr 2021 04:00 AM PDT

 What are the most profitable businesses on the Internet at the moment?

The most profitable companies are often the most difficult to establish.

Here is a list of 3 companies that can be started with a little starting capital.

Create a mobile app:

The app business is one of the most promising.

The advantage is that this type of product is easy to distribute on platforms such as Play Store and App Store, however there is a very high technical barrier. If you like mobile development, it may be worth the cost. Currently, the most profitable businesses on the Internet are mobile applications. There are apps valued at more than a billion dollars that have just under a hundred employees.

If you don't have programming skills, you can use tools like Good barber or Quivri Mobile to launch your first application.


E-commerce is technically much easier to set up than a mobile app, but it is also more competitive. You can use tools like Shopify or even magento, prestashop to build your store.

Creating the store is certainly the simplest step, but you still need to promote your store.

The two best solutions to promote your online store are social networks and search engines like Facebook, youtube, instagram and google. You need an advertising budget at the beginning to be able to test different promotional texts, images and videos.

Another solution is to use influencers to promote your store.


One of the easiest and most profitable businesses to start. There are several ways to monetize a blog.

The first solution is to advertise with a tool like AdSense and For this to work, you must have enough visitors, as you are paid per click on an ad on your blog.

The second solution is to join Ali Express or Amazon. There are many affiliate programs for software, information products, etc ...

The third solution is to sell your own products. They can be digital products (ebook, online training), physical products or services.

When you blog, you need to be able to attract organic traffic. The best solution is to optimize your natural reference and write content regularly.

Good luck, we hope our advice has been helpful.

Saudi Arabia

In the Middle East we have become accustomed to megalomaniacal ideas, the time comes for a project that promises to create a sustainable city that extends 170 km in length.

The idea, which is immediately confronted as being completely unrealistic and unsustainable by multiple specialists, presents itself as an alternative to today's metropolises, giving up roads on the surface and putting the inhabitants first. In fact, instead of a single "city", what we have is a series of small modular mini-cities, where the inhabitants would have everything they need within 5 minutes walking distancThese modules would be interconnected by a central underground transport column, including high-speed hyperloop transports, which made it possible to cover the 170 km of its extension in a few minutes. The idea would be no point in the city, along the entire line being more than 20 minutes away.

A good idea in terms of theoretical urbanism, but one that will hardly change from digital plans to reality - despite the promise to start construction during the first half of this year; and we have examples of other mega-cities in the region that have been built, and that remain practically abandoned.

Facebook prepares smartwatch with detachable screen

Facebook may have failed in its attempt to have a smartphone of its own, but now it's going to try its luck with a smartwatch.
Persistence and persistence always bear fruit!

Rumors indicate that Facebook is preparing a smartwatch to launch next year, and with some curious features, like a detachable screen with two cameras, to considerably expand the kind of things you can do with it - and going beyond what it is. common to do with a smartphone.
Function completely autonomously, with direct 4G connection.
Also curious is a mention that the smartwatch is prepared to be integrated with Facebook's virtual and augmented reality products (which has Oculus), in order to be used as a driver.
We'll see if Facebook has better luck this time than when it tried to create the Facebook Phone. Right now, Apple continues to dominate the sector with its Apple Watch, to the point of forcing Google to partner with Samsung to see if the Wear OS can take on as a strong competitor.
Bearing this in mind, as things won't be easy for Facebook; but this is something they are also aware of, hoping to start by selling a very small amount of these smartwatches, but hoping that their "particularities" will start to win over more and more people....
Well, there is always a particularity that can guarantee the success of a product: modeling it on the market at a price that doesn't even give you an option to avoid being bought!

Dictionaries define a short story as "a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel." We might do well to find fault with that final clause -- there are many short stories that are as elaborate or even more elaborate than commonly published novels.

If you came here, it's because you want to lose your money! I'm kidding, I'll try to help him, maybe we can even win some together.

We were already fading and losing faith in the cinema and boom, here's the good news from 7 Art!

YouTube is a website that shares videos uploaded by users over the internet. The term comes from the English "you" which means "you" and "tube" which means "tube" or "channel", but is used in slang to mean "television". Therefore, the meaning of the term "youtube" could be "you broadcast" or "channel made by you".

If you live here in Portugal or Brazil and in other parts around the globe, and decide to plant your own tobacco or cannabis, keep in mind that although the law is a little more lenient, you can be mistaken for a drug dealer and fix a beautiful problem for your life.