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Google Doodle celebrates Tokyo Olympics 

Google is back to ruining world productivity with a Google Doodle game celebrating the Tokyo Olympics. The twists and turns of the Covid-19 pandemic mean that the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 will only take place this year, but if there is one thing that does not change, it is that we have the right to an interactive Google Doodle to match the event. 

A jump to the Google page gives access to a Doodle that transports us to a retro RPG style game, in the style of those who traditionally came to us from Japan, and that leaves us with a skillful ninja cat who will have to overcome several tests and solve mysterious dilemmas scattered across the map. We have mini-games of the most varied styles that fulfill the player's skill to the test, with things like skateboarding, archery, marathon, table tennis, rugby, mountaineering, and even a synchronized music game, in which we have to load the stroke keys at the right times. 
Additionally, when talking to the nice characters scattered around the map, we will find that some of them need help solving their own, which usually involves finding stuff scattered around the map, or taking/bringing stuff from other characters. It is therefore advisable to pay attention to the clues that are being given. 
After a few hours I managed to complete almost all the tests, but the archery test is still too complicated... I still haven't managed to score with the maximum level which seems to be necessary to unlock some more things.

PlayStation leader also wants to launch games for mobile phones

Jim Ryan said that some of Sony's most successful series will be entitled to mobile versions.

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28/05/21 15:25 by Miguel Patinha Dias - Tech Video Games


Sony has hinted to its investors that it is exploring the possibility of bringing some of its best-known video game series to mobile phones. Apparently, these mobile versions will start to be launched during the current fiscal year (which ends in March 2022).

"In fiscal year 2021 we're going to start rolling out some of PlayStation's intellectual property on mobile, and we don't expect significant profitability in 2021, but we hope so as we learn from experience," said the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, according to TechRadar.

The executive was also pleased with the performance of the PlayStation series at launch for the PC, indicating that this strategy "will start to become increasingly important as time goes by".

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PlayStation 5 stock expected to break and run out by 2022 

    Due to the scarcity of components, technology has been affected in different segments: graphics cards, consoles, automobiles, computers, smartphones, electrical appliances, all have suffered from the lack of parts, and thus may be scarce in the markets. PlayStation 5 has also been affected and does not have all the necessary units on store shelves.

According to the latest information, Sony's console stock is not expected to run out until 2022, but it all depends on the evolution of the Pandemic.

Around the world, brands are desperate due to the current difficulty in finding components to integrate in their products. In Portugal, this scourge is already affecting some popular companies, such as Bosch, in Braga, which, therefore, put its employees in "lay-off". In the case of video games, the shortage of new PlayStation 5 has been felt globally. But, with no concrete end in sight, Sony is already considering redesigning its new generation console as a way to overcome this problem. 

PlayStation 5 stock should only be replenished after 2022

   It was thought that this situation would be resolved in a short time, now the seriousness is beginning to be confirmed by several executives and without a specific date to finish. In the words of the Bloomberg website, Sony CFO Hiroki Totoki is said to have told market experts that the Japanese company does not expect demand for PS5 to decrease or supply to improve in the year 2022. Totoki said: 

"I don't think demand is going to calm down this year and even if we got more equipment and produced many more PlayStation 5 units next year, our supply wouldn't be able to meet demand." 

To confirm the huge demand, PS5 has already sold 7.8 million units. This figure is higher than what PS4 achieved in the launch year. But the feat was achieved with the shelves practically empty. Thus, we can infer that with normalized stock, sales would be even higher. The pandemic was one of the main causes of this component scarcity scenario.

On the one hand, many factories have closed or drastically reduced their activity, on the other hand, confinement has boosted the demand and purchase of technologies to work and play at home, new times ... New Habits.

Xbox Live Gold - Free Online Games

Microsoft rectified a situation that was criticized by players, so it is no longer necessary to subscribe to Xbox Live Gold to play free games online.

Xbox players ended up being "obliged" to pay for the Xbox Live subscription to have access to the online multiplayer features of most of the games they bought, and in the case of free / free-to-play games it was even more incomprehensible, now you can now play free titles like Fortnite, Apex: Legends, Warframe, Roblox, and others.

This is something that will be corrected from now on, and it will be possible to play these games, without having to pay any monthly fee to be able to do so. In other words, free and free-to-play games now have online multiplayer functionality accessible completely free of charge, without Xbox Live Gold.

Considering an Xbox Game Pass subscription, which works as a "Netflix" game, with access to hundreds of games (and with xCloud via streaming in the case of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which also includes games on the PC), for the price of a couple of games a year - and not just "junk" games, but quality games (including Gears of War, Forza Horizon, and many, many others) and that also includes EA Play games. But, for those who waive tuition, and want an Xbox just to play free games online at no charge, now you also have this option.




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YouTube is a website that shares videos uploaded by users over the internet. The term comes from the English "you" which means "you" and "tube" which means "tube" or "channel", but is used in slang to mean "television". Therefore, the meaning of the term "youtube" could be "you broadcast" or "channel made by you".

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