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We Love Culture, music, games, movies, science, knowledge...

 we have a lot of great entertainment for you, mostly for free as nature intended...

We have a singular choice of old games and periferics that interest all the collectors in the world.

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"I had a second hand store and i had to close, due economic troubles. But we must never quit our dreams..."

Then got some free time, and think that will be great to have an occupation or hobbie, and make something i like. So i start this website... i hope you like it :)

                                                                       Miguel Fernandes

Dictionaries define a short story as "a story with a fully developed theme but significantly shorter and less elaborate than a novel." We might do well to find fault with that final clause -- there are many short stories that are as elaborate or even more elaborate than commonly published novels.

If you came here, it's because you want to lose your money! I'm kidding, I'll try to help him, maybe we can even win some together.


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